Scandal In Ivansk
Sunday, March 25 | 10:45 AM
Bryan Glazer Family JCC | Theater 1 | Tampa
Admission $10


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About The Film


In the small Polish town of Ivansk, one word ignites a nationwide controversy. Most of Ivansk's Jews were killed by the Nazis, and the headstones in the Jewish cemetery were plundered for construction purposes. A group of descendants of Ivansk Jews restore the town's cemetery, retrieving what headstones they can. When they commission a plaque that includes the word "collaborator," a national Scandal in Ivansk is unleashed. This eye-opening documentary strives to understand why much of the nation won't accept "collaborator" to describe Polish people who aided the Nazis and benefited from the genocide of Jews.

Scandal In Ivansk

Running Time 78 minutes | Genre Documentary | Subject Dramatic Stories, History | Directors  David Blumenfeld, Ami Drozd | Country  Israel, Poland Language  English  | Year 2017