Thursday, March 21 | 6:00 PM
Carrollwood Villagio Cinemas
Running Time – 94 minutes
Genre – Drama | Year – 2018
Language – Hebrew with English subtitles
Admission $10

About The Film:

Morning Trail is about saying goodbye and about love. It tells the story of Ella, a famous actor, who despite her deep grief over her loss finds the strength to open up again to a new man, Gaby, in the middle of the desert. Gaby, who carries with him the death of his wife during their son's birth, has been hiking the same desert area, where he first met his wife, for over 30 years. Ella and Gaby's children, Michal and Amir, go out looking for their parents together, after an amusing encounter involving a municipal inspector, some dog droppings and a notice of death.