Abe (Family Feature)

Sunday | April 5 | 3:00 PM

Bryan Glazer Family JCC

Running Time – 85 minutes | Genre – Family | 2019 | English

Enjoy interactive family activities including professional cooking demonstrations all afternoon.

About The Movie:

To his mom’s side of the family, he’s Abraham. To his dad’s, he’s Ibrahim. Why can’t everyone just call him Abe? Abe Solomon-Odeh is a 12-year-old Brooklynite whose self-possession in the kitchen and confidence navigating New York’s subway system would make most grown-ups stop in their tracks.


The child of an Israeli-American mother and a Palestinian-American father, Abe spends most of his time concocting new recipes and maintaining his food blog, which is frequented by admirers and school bullies alike. Yet while Abe is a master at mixing ingredients, his proudest accomplishment is having perfected the art of the ramen taco – he’s at a loss when it comes to navigating the clash of cultures that forms his Jewish/Muslim family. His spiritual mother hopes to foster in her son a sense of reverence for his grandparents’ cultural values, while Abe’s father is impatient with all religion, period.


There isn’t a family dinner without the grandparents butting heads, and when it comes to the food, nothing is simple: How are you supposed to blow out your birthday candles when your grandma bakes you a cake frosted with your Arabic name and your grandpa expects you to dig into one in Hebrew?


Since everyone is always arguing, no one notices when Abe slips out one night to a street fair to discover the culinary magic of a talented chef named Chico, whose Afro Brazilian roots are as rich as Abe’s. As Chico takes Abe under his wing, will Abe be able to take the lessons he learns in the kitchen to turn his own family’s confusion into fusion?