It's a Wrap!

Thank you all for attending

It was simply amazing!


The Film Festival

The Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival (TBJFF) is dedicated to using film for its contemporary and popular value to celebrate Jewish culture and reflect the diversity and richness of the Jewish experience. The festival seeks to use the power of film to entertain, educate and challenge conventional perspectives on complex issues facing the Jewish people and global community alike.


The TBJFF is a celebration of the finest international films that focus on Jewish themes and is one of the most inclusive and pluralistic Jewish events in the greater Tampa Bay area. The festival delivers an extraordinary collection of gripping dramas, thought-provoking documentaries, eclectic shorts and offbeat comedies depicting Jewish life from different times and places and appealing to everyone from the most discerning film critics to family audiences. Selected screenings are enhanced by providing a dynamic forum for audience dialogue with distinguished actors, producers, writers and other expert panelists.

Founded in 1995, the festival has quickly grown in size and reputation, welcoming moviegoers from across the greater Tampa Bay area. The outstanding films are shown in venues in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater and attract moviegoers from every social and economic background from Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties and beyond. As attendance increases from year to year, the festival attracts not only a larger audience but also a more diverse one, reaching an increasingly multi-cultural and multi-generational (and especially younger) demographic.

The Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival is produced by the Tampa Jewish Community Centers & Federation and the Jewish Federation of Pinellas & Pasco Counties. We hope you will find our web site informative and interactive. See you at the movies!


Did You Know?


The Hebrew word "Koach" (כח) carries a multi-faceted meaning encompassing strength, power, and might!


Physical strength: This aligns with the image of muscular power, exertion, and endurance.

Metaphorical strength: This extends the notion to encompass mental fortitude, emotional resilience, and intellectual power.

Power or potential: "Koach" can signify inherent capabilities, resources, or influence.
Dominion or authority: In certain contexts, it alludes to control, rule, or a position of dominance.


Koach in connection!


In the Hebrew alphabet, each letter holds a numerical value. The letters in "Koach" are:

Kaf (כ): 20
Chet (ח): 8


Adding these values together, we get:

20 + 8 = 28

The number 28 is ironically our 28th year of the Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival!


The essence of "Koach" lies in its power and potential, not necessarily in its numerical breakdown. The word's richness transcends such calculations and resonates with its multifaceted meaning in Hebrew culture and language.