12 2022

Greener Pastures | April 12

5:30PM - 7:30PM  

Studio Movie Grill 7718 113th St N
Seminole, FL 33772


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Greener Pastures

Studio Movie Grill

Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival

April 12, 2022 5:30 PM



Run Time 1 hr 30 minutes / Comedy | Crime / Directors Assaf Abiri; Matan Guggenheim/ Israel/ 2020/ Language Hebrew with English Subtitles

Dov (75) a widower, lives in a nursing home where he feels like he’s in jail. He dreams of buying back his old house and returning to live there, but he has no money since losing his pension and he blames the State. When he realizes that everyone in the nursing home consumes state-sponsored medical cannabis, he finds his way out. Not by smoking, but by selling cannabis, which he gets from the other tenants. When love, police, and the local mafia enter the picture, Dov finds himself at a crossroads where he has to decide whether he would be willing to risk everything for what really matters to him.